Wednesday, 8 May 2013

7th May

During this session we studied how to form the present continuous in English and its uses.
This new tense is formed by the verb "to be" in the present tense, followed by the main verb in the -ing form.
I'm wearing
You're wearing
He's wearing

First we read the text in the coursebook, on p.97. We looked at the scene and complete the gaps with the colours and clothes.(t.13.2)
After that, we put into practise the new grammar point describing someone's clothes in the class and then, our own clothes.
We also learnt that to describe what someone is wearing we use the verb "to wear " in present continous: I'm wearing a T-shirt", and to talk about complements like bags or umbrellas we use "to carry": I'm carrying a black handbag".
The main use of the present continuous in English is to describe an action which is happening at the moment of speaking, and it's usually found with expressions of time like: now, right now, at the moment.
To consolidate the use of the present comtinuous, we asked questions about the pictures on p.98. The question to ask was: What are they doing?
After that, we played a miming game. The students read one card and had to act out the action.
We finished the class, comparing the present simple and continuous. The main difference is that we use the present simple to describe routines, daily habits...and the continuous to describe something that is happening now.
We completed one text on p.98 with the correct verbs, and then, we listened and read other text and wrote true sentences about it.

Homework: WB- Unit 13, ex.3-6
                   Read the text on p.101 and complete exercises 3,4

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