Friday, 3 May 2013

2nd May

During this session we finished unit 12 talking about common signs.
The students first, identidied the places where they could find the signs and then matched them with their meanings.
After that, they listened to some lines of conversation and wrote the letter of the sign they went with (T.12.10)
Then, we studied the differences between countable and uncountsble nouns in English and learnt that we use:
a/an for singular countable nouns, for example, an apple, a bottle...
some for plural coountable nouns, some apples, some bottles in affirmative sentences
         for uncountable nouns, some money, some sugar in affirmative sentences
any, for plural countable nouns, any apples, any bootles,  in interrogative and negative sentences
       for uncountable nouns, any money, any sugar, in interrogative and negative sentences.

And finally we studied the vocabulary related to colours and clothes.

Homework, WB, unit 12, ex.12-15
                   Unit Test 12, Skills test 12

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