Wednesday, 15 May 2013

14th May

During this session we continued working with the text about Nigel'l holiday. We completed the questions on p.99, we asked and asnwered them in pairs. Then, we listened and checked.(t.13.7) We also filled the gaps of a series of sentences with the correct verb form.
Then, we corrected the comprehension exercises from the text on p.100, "The secret millionaire", and listened to 4 different conversations. The students had to identified the speakers and the content of the conversation.
After that, we moved to unit 14 to study the last grammar point of the course : be going to. This verbal form is used to express future plans and predictions. It 's formed by the present simple of the verb to be, followed by going to and the infinitive of the main verb

He's going to pass the exam

Homework: Unit 13, WB ex.6
                     Ex. 2, photocopy going to
                     Coursebook, p.105, ex.3

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