Wednesday, 22 May 2013

21st May

During this class we completed the vocabulary section. We studied opposite verbs and how to express feelings.
First, we completed a list with some opposite verbs and completed 7 different situations with the correct verb and tense, then we listened to 6 different conversations and identified the opposing verbs (t.13.10).

After that, we studied how to express feelings: I'm bored, I'm worried... and to give some advice (Why don't you...?)

Then, we started to review the vocabulary learnt throughout the course. In the first exercise, the students had to match verbs and nouns and then create a meaningful sentence:

travel+by train
I'm going to travel by train next week.

Homework: p.107, ex.2,3
                    WB, unit 13, ex.8-16, Unit test 13, skills test 13
                    WB, unit 14, ex.7,8

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